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Signs & Symptoms GERD (Reflux)


As Listed in an Article entitled Gastroesophageal Reflux by Dr. Susan R. Orenstein.



1:    Regurgitation:  spitting up frequently
2:    Frequent Hiccups
3:    Unexplainable crying, irritability
4:    Sleep disturbance--frequent night waking
5:    Arching of neck and back during or after feeding
6:    Fighting during feeding
7:    Sinus and nasal congestion(due to aspiration)
8:    Nocturnal asthma symptoms(wheezing)
9:    Recurrent coughing
10:  Horseness
11:  Rumination behaviors
12:  Sticking fingers or fist far back in throat and gagging themself. This could be a sign of esophagitis.
13:  They may appear avidly hungry for bottle or breast until their first swallows and then become very irritable and refusing to take it again.
14:  Bad breath
15:  Failure to thrive, losing weight.
16:  Frequent choking episodes.
17:  Anemia

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