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No matter where you are, whether you’re just getting started, recovering, still drinking, a family member, friend or just an outsider like me who finds alcoholism interesting, here are some resources I hope will be helpful or at least interesting to read.  
Please feel free to add onto this list. The more resources available the better it will be and the more useful. If you are the owner of one of these websites/blogs, and don't like your webpage/blog linked here, please feel free to let one of us know so it can be removed from the list.

Big Book online 4th edition:
All kinds of stuff:

For those who are wondering:
Alcohol -- Health Benefit or Hazard?

About Alcoholism:
This article describes it in more scientific medical terms:
How Alcoholism Works:
Facing the Facts:
Turning to Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco, etc in times of stress:
Cravings, etc:
Disease concept article:
Cognitive Impairment and Recovery:
Consequences of alcoholism:
Can alcoholism be treated? (Article about Campral)
Alternative stuff (the site clearly has an agenda to sell/promote but the info is interesting to read):

For alcoholic parents (you can substitute with “alcohol”):

How can I tell if I have a drinking problem?
Do I drink too much? (Questionnaire):

Withdrawal symptoms:

AA related:
What to expect for your first AA meeting:
Is AA selfish?
AA promises:
Big Book study guide:
12 step prayers:

For those who stopped drinking:

For those who are recovering, daily links, activities, etc:
I find their forum especially interesting. It’s got lots of nice posts from the members:
Can be used to calculate how many days sober:

Blogs from recovering alcoholics:

Friends and Family resources:
Researchers locate area of 'a handful' of alcoholism genes
Adult children of alcoholic parents
Find a meeting in your area:

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