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Is Tyrosine Safe for Pregnant Women?

It is unknown if tyrosine is safe for pregnant women.
 No reliable studies show that tyrosine is either safe or unsafe, since it has not been adequately studied in any pregnant women or animals. It might seem logical to assume that tyrosine supplements would be perfectly safe for pregnant women, since tyrosine is just an amino acid that is found in many foods. Furthermore, it is produced naturally by the human body. However, just because a normal dietary intake of tyrosine through food is safe, it cannot be assumed that using tyrosine supplements medicinally is equally safe. Perhaps the higher levels could cause problems, or perhaps the tyrosine in supplements is slightly different from the tyrosine found in foods. Until more information is available, it's best to wait until after pregnancy to try tyrosine supplements.
Keep in mind that just because other pregnant women have used a natural product without problems does not mean that it is safe. It takes a large group of pregnant women taking a particular medication or supplement to see if it increases the risk of problems such as miscarriages or birth defects, since these problems usually occur infrequently. Many women try to avoid medications in pregnancy and turn to alternative remedies instead, assuming that "natural" automatically means "safe." However, natural products can be quite toxic. For instance, many poisons and toxins are natural products. It just does not make sense to use a dietary supplement during pregnancy for which there is no information available about its safety.
If you are pregnant, it is always a good idea to ask your healthcare provider before taking any medication or supplement. The two of you can consider the possible risks and benefits of using tyrosine in your particular situation, as well as any other treatment alternatives.



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