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Stigmas Associated with some Diseases/The power of Positive Thinking to stop Substance Abuse

I was writing a PM to a great forum membber who is battling both addiction and HIV.  I thought about how some diseases also have a social stigma attached and realized HIV and addiction have alot in common.  I also sometimes think Chroni pain also has a stigma as those who have never experienced chronic pain do not understand it.  Often those whop hurt long term are labeled as "weak".

Anyway, I copied and pasted my pm to him as I think it applies too many of us here.




 Hi there,

If you wanna read some books on addiction and also so novels that are a great read about addiction then try these:
A Million Little Pieces
My friend Leonard (sequel)
Running with Scissors...I think u would really like this one


Books on Positive thinking you may enjoy are:

The Power of Words

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne


The NA manual is available online and is also a great read for substance abusers.


The book i read on my inner child really made me realize things way back that are still in my mind....u know our brain really never grows up... our body gets larger but inside the mind of a 90 year old dying man or woman, their child mind is still there...They have all of the same fears and thoughts as they did as a child and have had many older peeps tell me this.  "I still feel like I did when I was ten inside my mind, even though my body is so old". I really believe until we do the work from way back when, we can not truly let go and find peace

I have a bad relationship with my mom..I love her and vice versa...but we do not like each other and all in the family is aware of this....I realize she never did her work on her inner child so she never really grew up emotionally....she is not a substance abuser but extremely negative about life.  I realize I was raised by a child in a way??? If that makes sense..and many of us were.


Finding peace is hard..I am stilll trying i think...I do know HIV is a scary disease..but so is cancer, so is leukemia...the stigma attached to HIV has faded some but still it is harder than the other 2 to live with due to this stigma attached....and the disease of addiction will kill us 2...and there is an almost worse stigma associated with it than hiv..fact is we r all gonna die..I see it everyday and it is part of life..not sumpin to fear as we begin to die the day we were born..u will die, i will die, everyone here today will die...and it could be any time even for the most healthy 18 yr old living many younger than 20 will die, be it an accident or an illness...or a murder...sux..but true.


If we r ok inside then we r ready for death..may as welll be cos it is gonna knock at each of our doors one i guess it is up to us how happy we feel like being while we r here on earth...I do believe some have a harder life than others/I do not believe we always make our own luck..I think some of us make poor decisions that cause our lives to be harder, but I also think some have an easier road than others in life.


We are where we are here on this we got here is in the past...what we do with it from here on is up to us in lots of ways.  Our mind has control of our thoughts, our dreams and our actions.  If we let negativity, cravings, or the past stay in our minds to keep it down and out, then it is our choice.  Moving forward and a psoitive attitude is within our grasp, we just gotta reach out and grab it.


Beating addiction is in our minds for the most part, recovery is long term and takes alot of work.  We can only take it day by day and always try to keep moving forward. The remote control to our minds in our hands and we can use it to think positively and make the best of our short time here on this earth.





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