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Assistive Technology for the Bathroom

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Assistive Technology for the Bathroom

                                             Bathroom Aids

Limited mobility for people with a disability can make bathing a difficult task. It can become problematic and potentially dangerous for those in pain, discomfort and for those with problems with balance. Bath seats, benches and grab bars are always smart choices in helping individuals get into the bathtub.  

 Standard Shower Seats:

The Standard Shower Seat is great for getting in and out of the shower. The seat is adjustable by one-inch in height, has a removable back, removable arms, a built-in hand held shower holder and suction cup style feet.  

Heavy-Duty Rubbermaid Bath and Shower Seat fits virtually any tub or shower. It has a notched seat edge that provides a convenient place for hand-held showerheads. It will hold up to a 400 lb. capacity.
The Folding Shower Seat mounts on the bathroom wall and folds up when not in use. It will hold up to a 250 lb capacity.


              Shower Seat           Rubberrmaid Shower Seat                  Wall Mounted Shower Seat
               Shower Seat                           Rubbermaid  Seat                      Folding  Shower Seat




 Swivel Transfer Benches:


The Swivel Transfer Bench is great for a person with limited mobility. An individual sits on the transfer bench, and then swivels themselves around until the seat is in the appropriate position for bathing. 

                Swival Shower Bench                              Swival Shower Bench


                                  Two views of the swivel shower transfer bench.

 Adjustable Shower Transfer Bench:



The Adjustable Transfer Bench has a removable back, arm, built-in hand held shower holder and suction feet. It also adapts for left or right hand tubs. 


The Padded Folding Transfer Bench rest on the tub wall to allow 17"–19" height, and mounts to most bathtub walls with no wall reinforcement needed. The steel frame will hold up to a 420 lbs capacity.


The Invacare Bathtub Transfer Bench is a one-piece molded seat with a textured surface, drain holes, a molded soap dish, and a storage area for a hand-held showerhead. This transfer bench has a removable back that can convert the bench for a left or right-hand bath tub entry. 

             Adjustable Transfer Bench           Padded Adjustable Transfer Bench              Invacare Transfer Bench

              Adj.Transfer Bench                            Padded Benches                            Invacare



Rolling Shower Chairs for Walk in Showers:


The Healthline Shower Commode Chair has a deluxe, elongated commode seat. This Shower Commode Chair is made for larger patients and it holds up to a 400-lb. capacity.  The Shower/Commode Chair includes a standard 7-qt. pail. 


The Rolling Shower Chair Seat: This roll-in shower chair has drop down arms, a sliding footrest, a built in splash guard and a removable seat for cleaning. It has the capacity to hold up to 300 lbs.

   Roll in Mesh Shower Chair with Arms                        Mesh Roll in Shower Chair W/Footrest               Rolling Reclining Mesh Shower /Commode Chair    

   Healthline                                             Shower Chair                                 Reclining Chair

  The Wall Mounted Grab Bars:


The Bath Tub Safety Rails are made of 1" chrome-plated steel tubing with textured hand grips.  It has adjustable rubber-lined clamps to provide tight mounting. It has the capacity to support up to 250 lb.  


The Moen Secure Mount Grab Bar will support greater weight loads without pulling screws or busting tiles and backing. The Moen Grab Bar has the capacity to hold up to 300 lbs.


The Floor to Tub Rail Bar adjusts to tub wall widths, so it fits most tubs. it has an adjustable knob adjust the length height 34", a rubberized foot to prevent slipping or damage to the floor and a padded grip for stability.  If your toilet is near the bath tub, it can help in assisting individuals in transferring from the toilet to the tub. It has the capacity to hold up to 200 lbs. 


          Bathtub Mounted Rail                   Wall Mounted Grab Bars                      Floor to Tub Rail

   Tub Safety Rail                                                 Moen Grab Bar                                             Floor to Tub Rail

 Permanent Wall Mounted Bath Rails:


The Dependa Bar has five locking positions that provides a support rail that moves with the user. It mounts to structural studs behind wall and the bottom grab bar can be mounted on the left or right side us

The safety rail is a 1" chrome-plated steel bar with textured hand grips that will support up to 250 lb.


The Curve Bar is a support rail that allows users to easily rise from a sitting position by providing 4 hand grips at 4 different heights.



  Mounted Dependa Bar     Mounted Bar Rail       Curve Grab Bar   

    Dependa Bar                               Safety Rail                               Curve Bar






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