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Stories from people who've seen how bad it can get/ end stage stories

I’m not sure if this is a good idea or not, but I remembered when people posted stories dealing with the end stages, people enjoyed reading them to be reminded how serious such a disease is. I'll start this off by finding some of these stories on the forum and uploading them to this page with credit given to the authors. Anyone is free to add onto this post. The more stories, the better this resource can be.
I have now seen what it can result in...
©2008 Rena705

My next door neighbor has been an alcoholic since we lived next door, about 14 years. Last fall things were getting incredibly out of hand where she had invited people in to live with her that she had met at the bar...she knew nothing about these guys and they took total advantage of her. They stole her credit cards from her purse and charged thousands of dollars on them. They stole everything from the house that was small enough to pawn for money. She was in such rough shape she could no longer walk...her kidney's and liver had given out and her feet were swollen and red and she could no longer put shoes on. She would give these people living in the house her debit card and pin number so that they would go buy her booze. She had lost so much weight she was unrecognizable. Most of her hair had fallen out. One night, a "friend" was bringing her some beer at her request and he found her in a pool of vomit outside the bathroom door. She was unable to get up so the "friend" called an ambulance. When the ambulance arrived my husband went over to see what was going on. She was on a stretcher and was fighting the ambulance attendants saying she didn't need to go to the hospital...a supervisor finally arrived and told the attendants to just wait a few minutes. The supervisor was right...a few minutes later she told the attendants that she should probably go to the hospital because she wasn't feeling well.
After she went to the hospital we checked out the house before we locked it up and called her family. The guys that had been living there had smashed liquor bottles into the drywall of the finished basement, stole everything including all of the food, vomited and defecated on the basement floor.
Upstairs there was dried vomit all over the floor where the neighbor couldn't make it to the bathroom or the bucket she had in front of her chair. In the bedroom there were paper towels and towels over the vomit areas in a futile attempt to clean up after herself I suppose.
The neighbor is now in the hospital and has been there for 4 months. She can no longer walk, she believes that she is 12 years old most of the time. She is unaware why she is in the hospital and her family is waiting to find long term care for her because she can't use the bathroom herself and probably never will. Her brain has been totally cooked by the alcohol and it is a really ugly sight.
I don't know why I am telling you this...maybe because like myself most people don't think alcohol can cause damage such as this. The neighbor's house is for sale, the neighbor's life as she knew it is now over...she had a great job and her own home and was a meticulous housekeeper and kept her yard spotless...then she started drinking and it's all gone...something to think about I suppose...

©2008 green eyed lady


 I have another reason for people to stop drinking--my mother in law. She was once a very intelligent, beautiful, vibrant woman who also kept a meticulous house and yard. However, she also drank. Scotch--straight. When she drank she became the most miserable ***** you could imagine. She would cuss out her husband (her 3rd who was a saint!) and anyone else who pissed her off. Ironically, she was great to me and we had a very close relationship.

As time went on she got worse and we as a family tried to talk to her about how out of control she was. We offered her all the help she needed--money was no object. At this point she was literally drinking all day and all night and she slept maybe 3 hours throughout the day. Nothing we did helped.

One night as she was getting ready to go to the bowling league she got into a fight with her husband over some perceived insult. The next thing her husband hears a loud noise and he ran out of the bedroom and there was my mil crumpled at the bottom of the staircase. Ambulance called, taken to the hospital where they determined she had a bac of .42. Because of the alcohol they were unable to treat her the way she needed to be treated. Many months in the hospital and then a rehibilitation center later she was sent home.

What is left after the accident would break your heart. At the age of 60 my mil was confined to a wheelchair with brain damage in 4 places in her head. Her life consists of watching t.v., eating from a tube placed in her stomach, and soiling herself. And the man that she was so mean to--he sits next to her taking care of her (along with nurses her son hired) saying that he will never put her in a home. To me it is such a waste. Please stop while you have a chance---it's not worth it.

©2008 jill26


 My husband has been an alcholic for 30 years. He has had many, many DUI's and on each count has proclaimed his innocence to the extreme. He has become very paraniod and his thinking has been distorted over the past number of years. Over the past two years has taken up with a woman who has similair drinking habits and has recently been charged with several DUI' s also. My problem is not that he is with her but with the fact that because he is helping pay for the house he feels he can come and go as he pleases. This women is very needy and calls him constantly when he is home and has even been in our home when I was not there, yet he sees nothing wrong with this practice. Financially, I cannot afford to sell the house and mostly I cannot see him going through the selling procedure with his distorted thinking. To make him understand even the simplest procedure is a chore and chances of him remembering what you have discussed is a remote possibility. His family have many times offered to pay for help, all offers are refused, insisting that he does not have a problem. His denial is of such an intense nature that it is scarey. Are these all signs of being in the final stages of alcholism?


©2008 jml1986

I come from a family of alcholics and let me just say, the final stage is when you stand there holding the hand of your dying loved one whos skin is so yellow that they are the color of the skin off a banana and they are coughing up blood. Eventually the coughing stops and then they start suctioning the blood out. They are totally aware and can talk to you, but you are watching as every hour they get worse. You are greatful that the final hour they slip into a coma because they can no longer tell you how bad it hurts and you you know you can't help them, all you can do is just stand there watching the breathes they take get fewer and fewer between until they finally stop. Terrible picture I painted I know, but that is how it went a month ago last Sunday when I watched my uncle die.


© 2008 melbatoast64


have already made an appointment with an addictions specialist (pat on back :)) but i just wanted to share my story with you all. For the last three years since I was raped at gun point by two men, I have drunk uncontrollably to the point of black out. I had a few episodes where I had to be carried out of my boyfriend's family's functions. Very embarassing to say the least. I have driven home blacked out, and I have done some ridiculous things. Well, my boyfriend went away last week, amd I drank two bottles of wine on an empty stomach. I blacked out for about the remainder of the night. The next morning I woke up and found bruises on my elbow, arms, legs, and head (I guess I fell) Then I saw big huge cuts all over my arms and a pair of scissors next to my bed. I was sick to my stomach. Then my neighbor came over because he was concerned with me. Why? Because I showed up at his house in a bath towel and barefoot screaming that i had lost my puppy. After hours of searching for her, we found her a few blocks over. Thank God she was OK. I am so disgusted with myself, and I want help so bad. I would like to think of myself as a good person. If anyone doesn't mind, can they share their "rock bottom" story that made them get help? THanks


 © 2008 scaredtodeath1


My mother was an alcoholic, I say was because she passed away on March 25th 2008 from complications of Liver Disease. 

My mother was an everyday drinker for the 10 years prior to her illness, she drank wine. She started to show signs of minor swelling in her legs (edema) and after I had to convince her, she went to the doctor. Her doc told her that she had cirrosis of the Liver and Hepatitis C. She quit drinking on that day! For the next 3 years that she lived with this disease she went through bouts of Ascites, Edema, and hepatic encephalopathy. My mother was a very petite woman, and when she could not control her swelling she looked and felt like she was 9 months pregnant. She would have to get her stomach drained of the fluid and even then she would constantly get asked when she was due. She lived for almost a year with her stomach like that until she was able to get some control over it. But just as one symptom subsided another would show up. It was in the last 6 months of her life that on a routine scan of her liver they found a "mass" on her liver. It was just befor Christmas that the doctors confirmed that it was Cancer. Now because I did alot of research on the progression of the disease, I knew that there was a great possibility of cancer with cirrosis and with hepatitis too. She went to have chemotherapy done on Jan of 2008. Chemo left her very weak and almost unable to care for herself, not to mention that she reacted to the meds and had to stay across the state alone for a week. When she came home it was constant doctors appointments. Her hepatic encephalopathy became much worse and it brought her to the hospital on several occasions with ammonia levels off the chart. She lost all her hair as a result of the chemo. It was two weeks prior to her passing that I found her semi-conscience in her apartment, I knew it was her ammonia levels. My brother had been to see her early that day and she said that she was not feeling well, but he made sure that she took her meds. It was 8 at night that I found her, her meds were not working. While in the hospital we became aware of her kidneys not functioning properly. Her sodium levels were too high, so she couldn't take her meds to keep the swelling down, and to top it all off she lost all control over her bowels and had to use diapers. She was also unable to walk, so she couldn't get to the bathroom anyway! My mother left the hospital on a Friday, and was transferred to a hospice center. It was Easter Sunday that I walked into her room to see her semi-conscience and gasping for air. She looked at me and said that she was scared to die...these were her last words. She died early on Tuesday morning. My mother was 55 years old. Her death was not something that was easy, she struggled for 2 days to breath. The pain that she went through prior to her death was not easy either. 

But something good has come from her being an alcoholic, she had three children that she left behind, and not one of them drinks!




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