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Mood Tracker Instructions


The Weight Loss & Dieting Community welcomes you and urges you to begin a mood tracker as many eating behaviors directly relate to particular moods.  Certain moods, which may be different for each person, can trigger an overeating or binging event.  Charting your moods and overlaying this information with your Weight Tracker can discover a pattern of behavior.  Once discovered, plans can be developed to successfully change our behavior.


Step 1  - Go to the Trackers & Calculators link for the community. 


Step 2 - Under the Tracker List, scroll down to the bottom and click on "add tracker" next to the mood tracker.


Now you can personalize the tracker to fit your needs and taste.

Tracker title:  Name it anything you like.


Allow tracker to be seen by:  This will allow you to choose whom you share this information with and will allow you some privacy. 


Send me reminder to update:  You can elect to receive email reminders to update your tracker depending on the frequency you want.


Select a theme:  You may personalize from a variety of themes and colors!


 Click Create.


Filling in Tracker (Daily, weekly, etc.)


1) Double click on date to begin.


2) Mood:  Select appropriate mood (Excellent, Good, Okay, Bad, Horrible….these are the available options), click the down arrow to continue.


3) Symptoms:  Select from the list of emotions that are fitting for the day. 

This list also includes Appetite, Energy, Self-Esteem, and Sleep, click the down arrow to continue.


4) Treatments:  List any treatments that you may use for mood disorders.  There are many medications listed, although these may or may not pertain to each individual.


5) Events:  Select any issues that you may be experiencing (options include stresses/issues with Family, Friends, Financial, Personal, Work, and Relationships), click the down arrow to continue.


6) Journal:  This is a great place to write about your mood and anything that you feel is relating to or contributing to your mood.  In the Weight Loss & Dieting Community, we highly recommend you journal events and feelings honestly as these can be directly related to our overeating or binge cycles.  We suggest you record enough information to allow you to recall this information at some point in the future when we compare eating and/or binging episodes with your emotions; there can be a correlation. 


Press Done


Congratulations!  You have just completed your first Mood Tracker Entry!

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