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Weight Tracker Instructions



The Weight Loss & Dieting Community welcomes you and urges you to begin a weight tracker, as this is the true measure of where we are and where we are going.   It is not used to judge a person; it is a tool to help us look at our true weight and measure the results of our weight loss efforts.  It visually provides us with a graph and statistically helps us realize what direction we are moving in.

The weight tracker also has numerous components to allow us to record our measurements, clothing sizes, calories and specific journal entry for specific events that may have played a part in the number that is showing on the scale.   We recommend you stop being afraid of the scale and look at it as your faithful partner in achieving sustained and accountable weight loss goals.

Step 1  - Go to the Trackers & Calculators link for the community. 

Step 2 - Under the Tracker List, scroll down to the bottom and click on “add tracker” next to the weight tracker.  

Now you can personalize the tracker to fit your needs and taste.

Tracker title:  Name it anything you like.

Allow tracker to be seen by:  This will allow you to choose whom you share this information with and will allow you some privacy.

Send me reminder to update:  You can elect to receive email reminders to update your tracker depending on the frequency you want.

Weight Unit System:  How do you normally weigh yourself, lbs or kgs?

Length Unit System:  How do you measure yourself normally, inches or centimeters?

Height:  Set your height in inches or centimeters (as selected above).

You select enter your personal data and goals in the following categories

Goal start date: 
Goal end date: 
Start Weight: 
Goal Weight:

Select a theme:  You may personalize from a variety of themes and colors!

Click Create.  Now your weight tracker is completely set-up.

Filling in Tracker (On dates you weigh):

1)    Double click date to open tracker. 

2)    Chart Weight:  In this area you have the ability to track your current weight, body fat percentage, measurements for the waist, hip, and neck, as well as dress size, calorie intake, and points.  Press down arrow to advance. 

3)    Treatments:  This portion of the weight tracker allows you to record if you are currently taking diet pills.  The Weight Loss & Dieting Community as a whole generally supports natural methods of weight loss and behavior modification towards this end, so this is ordinarily not applicable.  Press down arrow to advance. 

4)    Events:
  This section of the weight tracker permits you to note any events that are occurring in your life at the present time that may be contributing to your weight changes.  Some of the options include menses, aerobic exercise, biking, running, circuit training, parties, swimming, vacation/trips, walking, etc. 

5)    Journal:  The journal portion of the weight tracker is an excellent place to list more details about your weight changes.  You can list very specific details about how you feel about your weight changes, how you believe that they may have come about (good or bad), and what actions you plan on taking to make the weight tracker move in the direction that you would like it to in order to achieve your weight loss success.  You may also want to record the foods and portions you ate (a food journal will be coming in the near future) or record a brief note about the major emotion you felt.  Any specific questions should be entered in the Weight Loss & Dieting Community for the community to respond.

Press Done

Congratulations!  You have just completed your first Weight Tracker Entry! 

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