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Surviving Weight Loss Under Pressure!

Surviving Weight Loss Under Pressure!





I still remember that high voltage game, the electrifying atmosphere, the mounting pressure and the chanting of the spectators! I was out there in the middle and had only one thing in mind … the WIN and the Reward that would follow.

This was nothing new for me; I had been there many times. Still, the shear thrill of the success that would follow made the adrenaline flow through my veins!

Whether it was the hard work that led to the game or the hours of practice that brought my French horn solo to life in a band concert, the path to success was a journey that required great effort.

Now, thinking back over the years, it still makes me wonder, "What is it that drives me forward?"

"What is that most powerful force that has helped shape and reshape me through the years?

I can tell you, "It is 'PRESSURE'!"

“Pressure is a word that is misused in our vocabulary. When you start thinking of pressure, it's because you've started to think of failure.” Tommy Lasorda

I know the word "pressure" can send you scurrying for cover or send you running in the opposite direction as far as your feet can take you, right? But, actually, it is not as bad as we think!

Here is the shocking truth ...

The ever-prevalent pressure can play a crucial part in your weight loss success!!!

Surprised? Keep reading to discover why pressure can reshape the way you think and do things!

For me it has almost become a "need", an extension of my everyday life. It always seems to bring out the best in me and separates the thin line between success and failure!

I know how weight loss can seem to be a daunting task. It can suck your determination right out of you and make you feel stranded. "Immense pressure" could take over and soon you are counting a series of stress and depression that follows.

“When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure.” Peter Marshall

So, if pressure has such a fierce reputation, why do I recommend it?

The key is to note the word "Immense Pressure”. I agree that immense pressure could leave a damaging scar on you, but I think pressure is such a necessity.!

The good news is, you can regulate pressure during your weight loss goals. You set "achievable goals" during your weight loss journey and the pressure game is on!
You know that you need to perform and you are under pressure to do so. Couple it with determination and soon you will be breaking records!

Here is the key that unlocks the secret. Think of pressure not as a formidable opponent but, instead, as a friendly tool!

Learn to tame pressure and it can reward you not only in your weight loss battle but also in your personal life! It is important to know and set "Reasonable goals”. If you set your goals too low, there is no game. On the other hand, if you set your goals too high, you can crack. By setting reasonable goals, you are driven to work hard to attain success and the pressure will lead you to do the rest.

Review your intensity of pressure weekly and make adjustments. Tinker with the level of intensity and know that you will be able to handle it.

Pressure is what is going to make you go forward! Each time you achieve your goals under pressure, it becomes an intoxicating reward. You will want to do it over and over again for the sheer thrill of victory!

The moment of winning is what makes me want more! It is almost like an obsession and I am drawn to the euphoria of success. That moment is so unique! In that moment, the pain and the hard work seem so very worthwhile and I am drawn to that magnetic feeling like a needle!

I am aware that there could be some external pressure that you may not have control over. However, when it comes to weight loss, it is YOUR actions that are going to set the pressure meter. How you handle it is all in your hands!

There is no gain without pain and … pressure, if handled right, can bring you all the desires of your heart!

Three Things to Survive Under Pressure:

1. Attitude may be the most important aspect of survival – Your sheer will to succeed and your determination to help yourself is crucial to your success.

2. Involvement and Voice – Be involved and committed to your goals, knowing there may be setbacks and adjust for them realistically. State your goals out loud and be accountable to yourself and others to achieve them.

3. Confirm that failure is not an option – State boldly and convincingly that quitting is NOT an option! View any obstacle that stands in your way as an opportunity to succeed!!! Seek positive solutions, adjust your plan, ask for help and keep your eye on the prize!

Always remember, a diamond forms under intense pressure. It is this force at work that determines its character and value. There is a diamond inside each of you! Let the pressure help reveal its inner beauty!

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