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Monica - ovarian cancer  www.chemocare

I'm a 45 year old woman diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer in July 2001.  I had extensive surgery followed with 6 rounds of chemo.  I'm thrilled to say that i have No Evidence of Disease at this time. 

I was extremely devastated because at first it was thought that I had pancreatic cancer.  After numerous tests, it turned out to be ovarian.  Being a normally in control person, I hit ROCK BOTTOM not knowing how I was going to get through it all and gain back my control.  It came in time.

One thing I DID and STILL do is that after EVERY chemo, CT scan, blood test, I "reward" myself.  It can be as small as a latte or as big as a new purse, my real weakness!!!  Stay Strong.

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