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Rescue Medications

Rescue Medication

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Inhaled Short-Acting Beta-2 Agonists: Bronchodilators are generally the first line of treatment in mild-intermittent, mild-persistent, moderate-persistent, and severe-persistent asthma during an acute attack because they take effect within minutes.  Examples:
- Alupent {Metaproterenol}
- Bricanyl {Terbutaline}
- Bitolterol {Tornalate}
- Maxair {Pirbuterol}
- Ventolin {Albuterol}
- Xopenex {Levalbuterol}

Nebulized Short-Acting Beta-2 Agonists
- Alupent {Metaproterenol}
- Bricanyl {Terbutaline}
- Bitolterol {Tornalate}
- Ventolin {Albuterol}
- Xopenex {Levalbuterol}

Inhaled Anticholinergics
: Anticholinergics take longer to start working when used by themselves, but in combination with Albuterol, work better than either drug by itself.  Usually prescribed for asthmatics with frequent upper respiratory illnesses.  Examples:
- Combivent {Ipratropium/Albuterol}

Nebulized Anticholinergics:
- Combivent {Ipratropium/Albuterol}

OTC (Over The Counter) Bronchodilators: Provide short-term relief, and should not be taken without a doctors consent.  Only suitable for adults mild-intermittent asthmatics.  Examples:
- Primatene Mist {Epinephrine}
- Bronkaid {Ephedrine}

Other Treatments:
- Antibiotics: (Oral, IV, or Nebulized)
- Nebulized Steroids: (Triamcinolone, Dexamethasone, etc.)
- Postural Drainage
- Caffeine
- Epinephrine {EpiPen}
- Supplemental Oxygen
- Continuous Bronchodilator Nebulization (Supervised...)
- IV Magnesium
- Mechanical Ventilation
- Chest Physiotherapy (CPT)
- Percussive Therapy Vest/Flutter Valve

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