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Journals about benadryl

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by melygirl3, Mar 23, 2012
i got hyves from something speck was in, and took some benadryl and it had a strong effect ...
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by bite_mex333, Dec 16, 2010
-Told Sutton and Clarke about depression today -James was super supportive with everything...
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by EFox2007, Jul 14, 2010
Evening time, picking up from Suz's, was fine, playing, rocking in chair. Began to scr...
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by amythstone, Jun 02, 2010 - 1 Comment
Woke up as usual feeling groggy from benadryl. Smoking brings on multiple sneezing and ir...
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by ChitChatNine, Mar 11, 2010
My favorite cereal has nuts in it ... my mouth was itchy after I ate it this morning. I be...
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by cheragain, Jan 09, 2010
My name is Cher. I have been suffering from severe allergic reactions of unknown origin for...
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by ChitChatNine, Aug 17, 2009
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by ChitChatNine, Aug 14, 2009 - 1 Comment
Listed below is info on FAAN's (Food Allergy Anaphylaxis Network) annual Walk for F...
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by Krisiness, Jul 13, 2009
For some reason I felt the need to rent a scary movie. Steve came over and he isn't as ...
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by nikkiprew, Apr 10, 2009
Today I feel a stuffed up and yucky. I took some benadryl and it's helping a little. My...