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by shugalug, May 29, 2013 - 2 Comments
I feel happy, 3 days now. Over the moon yesterday! My 2nd Daughter had her baby girl! Both...
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by jsprings9983, Jan 31, 2013
So this is the longest, and hardest part. I will be 21 in August, and this has been going o...
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by hesterbox, Oct 23, 2012
It is a week since I had the ablation and I've had the best day so far. I'm very a...
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by emerald20, Oct 06, 2012
lst night i believe i had about two hours of sleep,i was to hot and too cold ,the fan is on...
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by cheshchesh819, Sep 11, 2012
Hey guys just came back from a lovely 2week break in Tunisia with the family on my arrival ...
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by Wambli, Sep 11, 2012
I am having several issues that all seem to come at me at once. My sleeping is still very i...
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by Eli93, Aug 23, 2012
im sitting alone and afraid of my big move to college. also afraid that i might have somet...
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by timetogetbetter, Jul 05, 2012
Yesterday was a bit uncomfortable for me. As they day went on and I got closer to the 72hr ...
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by SeniorBoz, Jun 18, 2012
I have three MRI's tonight. One for my head, one for my neck (both due to the stroke), ...
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by Avaita, Jun 16, 2012
My stomach has been queasy and cramping all night. The usual nightmares, dead babies, and w...