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by ushalew, Sep 10, 2014
SEVERE HEALTH CHALLENGS BEGAN with Mold, adhesive and Carbon poisoning on job (sick buildin...

by Alex1172, Oct 18, 2012 - 2 Comments
Saw these trackers were available at the Narcolepsy Network website. I'll be doing my...

by bluejeanbaby9, Jun 27, 2012 - 1 Comment
I lost a lot of weight just by wearing a CPAP for my sleep apnea. I have gone about 6 month...

by Morphman, May 09, 2012
I am up early...AGAIN! This makes four days now that I have gotten up early before my appoi...

by cooblacrouse, Nov 01, 2011
This is my normal sleep pattern. I fall asleep fine. I wake up between 1.5 to 2.5 hours l...

by ZZDave, Apr 07, 2011
went to bed early, 8:00. Woke up several times and got up also during those times. Woke at ...

by Steven Y Park, MDBlank, Mar 26, 2011
Ponce de Leon is well known as the Spanish explorer that searched for the fountain of youth...

by Longrangesniper1953, Mar 16, 2011
woke first at 6.45am went back to sleep till 9.30 am dremed quite a lot second time round

by Longrangesniper1953, Mar 15, 2011
Woke at 6.30 am went to the toilet took my medication that was 11/2hrs latter than normal, ...

by Longrangesniper1953, Mar 14, 2011
Slept not bad till 5.30AM went to toilet took my medication , eventually went back to sleep...