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by lokmanyahospital, Aug 24, 2015
Replacement of painful crippled arthritic knees is a leading specialty of LOKMANYA Hospital...

by RedInDC, Nov 25, 2010
25 November 2010 This is my first entry on MedHelp, a website I have been secretly visitin...

by jp1092, Sep 19, 2010
Just can't seem to sleep through the night like I would like to. Getting up to clea...

by jp1092, Sep 13, 2010
Shoulder pain and tinnitus is driving me nuts.

by kmontano5, Sep 09, 2010
Beginning of back problems and left shoulder pain. Dr. Dan made an adjustment and sheduled ...

by jp1092, Jun 20, 2010 - 1 Comment
Could not sleep good, due to extreme shoulder pain coming from left rotator cuff tear, ha...

by Ladybuggz, Aug 30, 2009
Today i noticed the pain in my shoulder (Lower back,rib area) is really sore and since I fo...

by babycakes6510, Jul 31, 2009
July 27, 2009 at the Albany Mall my ex boyfriend got his girlfriend to jump me. She pulled ...

by dksart, Jun 18, 2009
.....still paying for it! My husband thinks I tore my rotator cuff. I am alternating ice an...

by Linda2962, Mar 23, 2009
I went most of the day not having my shoulder hurting. As soon as I was home for the rest ...