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Journals about pregnant


by Natalie97nicole, Jul 07, 2015
Hello, so this last month my "period" was 4 days late and when it came it was ver...

by Rachel_04, Jun 22, 2015
I found I was pregnant in January and had a miscarriage at 9 weeks in the end of February. ...

by Mercedes28, May 14, 2015
I told myself not to test this morning because its too early and I'm wasting tests. B...

by Madhatter12, Mar 04, 2015
Hi I'm 20 years old I work as a cna starting a couple weeks ago I've been experie...

by Nickley3, Feb 23, 2015
I have been so excited for our anatomy scan next week and just realized that i am TERRIFIED...

by la_shygurl, Oct 27, 2014 - 1 Comment
Any moms new born baby due on January 23 2015?

by teetee111, Aug 21, 2014
As of today i am 11 days late from my period. I had a pack of Birth control bein...

by CortneyUrby, Mar 29, 2014
So last night I decided that I wanted to remember or at least try to imagine what it was li...

by sess2014, Feb 25, 2014 - 3 Comments
I just found out that I am 9 weeks pregnant and last week I was on 75 mg of methadone. I st...

by amethyst1991, Feb 17, 2014
Alright! so after 9 months of the most recent scare here i am again writing up an incident ...