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by Natalie97nicole, Jul 07, 2015
Hello, so this last month my "period" was 4 days late and when it came it was ver...

by animallover18, Dec 19, 2012
So it has beed 6 months since my last period I have been feeling nauses, fatigued, my breas...

by 22misty22, May 07, 2012
hiya evryone i had a d and c on the 28th of feb because i went to my scan an my ikle baby h...

by unconnu, May 24, 2011 - 1 Comment
i had my period May 5th and had unprotected sex on May 12 n 18 should i worry?

by Pielyn, Jan 26, 2011
I had to reschedual my blood test so that I could actually go in and not have to worry abou...

by Lette_4_Life, Oct 19, 2010
My period normally has around a 4 week interval between them. Normally a day less or a day ...

by brigadiva, Apr 18, 2010
So... here I am, finally starting to take a healthy approach to losing weight (lost over 16...

by anjislittlebud, Jan 22, 2010
Well im pregnant again, hooray! Very scared each time i go to the loo that ive miscarried a...

by tiroloca, May 21, 2009
to day evening i bin feeling a bit of cramp but is more like needle-pain....maybe can be im...

by tiroloca, May 17, 2009
my husband come back to day and we decide to try in case one more is in GOD han...