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by sharon6922, Jan 17, 2014
Today has been kind of hard, felt very low and depressed today. I took a 2 day holiday just...

by Lilly510, Mar 22, 2013
have been yawning constantly

by Marie0456, Feb 21, 2013
Had a friend of a friend on Facebook. Similar interests. I didn't think any big deal. ...

by asc01, Nov 19, 2012
The last two days I've resumed home BP monitoring and it seems to be consistently 166...

by hesterbox, Oct 25, 2012
Today I went to work. I slept really well last night-8 hours. When I got up I felt pretty...

by stormelliott, Aug 07, 2012
over a week of worsening back pain, which is radiating into chest pain. disturbing sleep qu...

by dogmum, Apr 19, 2012
So I've been slowly feeling better for the last few months with the exception of a few...

by gina20, Mar 31, 2012
Couldnt sleep cough all nite and had chest pains

by notinsane, Dec 19, 2011
Another not so shabby day, just a few light incidents with chest pain but nothing serious, ...

by BrennieGirl, Nov 22, 2011 - 1 Comment
Bad stomach pain, Pressure on my lower neck and right under my chest making it hard to brea...