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by ashy17, Nov 29, 2015
1. i have chest pains, and my jaw is hurting and I dont know what is going on im only 16 an...
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by sharon6922, Jan 17, 2014
Today has been kind of hard, felt very low and depressed today. I took a 2 day holiday just...
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by Lilly510, Mar 22, 2013
have been yawning constantly
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by Marie0456, Feb 21, 2013
Had a friend of a friend on Facebook. Similar interests. I didn't think any big deal. T...
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by asc01, Nov 19, 2012
The last two days I've resumed home BP monitoring and it seems to be consistently 166/...
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by hesterbox, Oct 25, 2012
Today I went to work. I slept really well last night-8 hours. When I got up I felt pretty...
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by stormelliott, Aug 07, 2012
over a week of worsening back pain, which is radiating into chest pain. disturbing sleep qu...
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by dogmum, Apr 19, 2012
So I've been slowly feeling better for the last few months with the exception of a few ...
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by gina20, Mar 31, 2012
Couldnt sleep cough all nite and had chest pains
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by notinsane, Dec 19, 2011
Another not so shabby day, just a few light incidents with chest pain but nothing serious, ...