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by Cranberrykin, Jan 27, 2015
Hi, well I started this on the 23rd. It has been 4 days....the first couple of days I felt ...

by KelseySchneider, Oct 13, 2014
Diet for Day 1-50 Sorry for this being so long, but wanted to get it on h...

by Triza64, Jul 09, 2014
I came across the information this week: 100 Days of Real Foods. I like what I am seeing, e...

by Marisen, Jul 05, 2014
Since I embarked on this endeavor two years ago this month, the mirror is showing me a pers...

by BrownSugar95, Jun 11, 2014
I'm dropping weight the healthy way taking more vegetables in my diet ,no sugar drinks...

by Charliixo, May 15, 2014 - 1 Comment
I feel much, much better since making changes to my lifestyle. I have completely elimina...

by maicap22, Mar 20, 2014
I consumed 1800+ calories on Wednesday because I need to pump milk for my baby as it is his...

by deathnxte, Mar 10, 2014
I've officially started my diet/exercise program! Today weren't too bad I guess, ...

by CharmaineZoe, Jan 20, 2014
Today I reached my first goal of losing 2 stone by the end of January (it was going to be l...

by CharmaineZoe, Jan 13, 2014
Got on the scales this morning and I'm thrilled to find that not only have I lost the ...