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by marmar11323, Apr 20, 2015
My boy friend an I had sex on the 6th of April, we used aa condom but it broke, I took pla...

by Cevic29, Apr 04, 2015
I haven't gotten my period since January 20th this year and I went to the doctor two o...

by KMS050308, Mar 10, 2015 - 1 Comment
So.....after years and years of never knowing when I was going to have a period or if I wou...

by ribaby15, Dec 09, 2014 - 18 Comments
Well, I think it's come to an end after only 'trying' for a month basically....

by teetee111, Aug 21, 2014
As of today i am 11 days late from my period. I had a pack of Birth control bein...

by Shasiya, Apr 28, 2014
Hai...I am 22 year old... i was diagnosed with pcos last year 2013...This month only i star...

by SandraLynne1968, Feb 12, 2014
Even Florida gets cold. Then it gets hot. And then cold. Back and forth. No wonder everyone...

by newdiggins12, Jan 03, 2014
Okay I had my last period in the beginning of the month of December but I dont remember the...

by m0825, Dec 08, 2013 - 1 Comment
Hi I am 13, turning 14 in 2 weeks, and have had this weird white, kind of sticky stuff appe...

by MajorFamily, Nov 18, 2013
My period started today this has been my 3rd consecutive period since starting my Metformin...
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