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Journals about abuse

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by Cayla9599, Oct 31, 2010 - 2 Comments
Well, I'm actually eleven. And I need some advice because my best friend is going throu...
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by CourtneyHardwick1, Aug 15, 2010
I keep dreaming about the night that I saw my Dad holding a gun to my Mom's head. I kee...
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by vickie5989, Jun 13, 2010
I've been living with bipolar for a long time. I've never really talked to other p...
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by Pseudo47, Jun 05, 2010
i'm an insignificant speck on earth, there would be no ripple effect when i'm gone,...
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by lostangelbearsr, Jun 04, 2010
The entry labeled for the second was actually my journal for the first, on the second Joe c...
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by peppyapple, May 03, 2010
Ok, I'm not sure how any of this site works, so im just going to wing it, im 23 and to ...
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by kalia7, Jan 06, 2010 - 6 Comments
I use to think my best option was to end it all... I use to have constant suicidal thought...
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by 2roll, Dec 30, 2009 - 1 Comment
My husband is extremely abusive today he wants to throw me out. He keeps telling me I am a ...
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by T0PHeaVey, Nov 07, 2009 - 4 Comments
I have been doing drugs since 9th grade. I started smoking freshman year and by junior year...
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by breakingapart, Aug 14, 2009 - 2 Comments
Hello, as you all know, my childhood has been...chaotic. I have found out that the people w...