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by kallieek, May 21, 2015
I am super nervous for school to get out. I really don't want it to happen, because It...

by Virginie202, Oct 25, 2014
J'ai plusieurs épisodes migraineux par jours, mais ces derniers temps ils deviennent p...

by Sicktoooften, Jun 05, 2014
Hi I am a fairly healthy female. I work a full time job as a room attendant at a hotel, so ...

by jsprings9983, Mar 28, 2013
So now that my past is done, I can get into more of the recent things. So now I hardly ever...

by jsprings9983, Mar 26, 2013
Sorry, I've been busy living life! I wish I would have ended it when I found out s...

by emsauce, Sep 13, 2012 - 1 Comment
How I reversed my Alopecia... Since fall 2008 I was losing my hair. At first it was smal...

by marina000, Jul 11, 2012
Just one more thing ... Ever since my problems came to the surface, almost 10 years ago, t...

by Alonecryin, Nov 09, 2011
I slept from 0400 to 0500 this am. then took kids to school. And picked up my son from ...

by benthic_man, Sep 16, 2011
I thought I'd do this as a way to keep track of my issues with anxiety as they come an...

by JustJack, Mar 02, 2010
Ok, I’d like to start off by saying that I am not qualified in treating depression in anywa...