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Journals about HSG


by Elaine Brown, MDBlank, Dec 27, 2012 - 16 Comments
In the United States 1 in 8 couples has difficulty when they wish to start a family. **...

by TTC2006, Apr 18, 2012
My cycle has returned, the HCG almost completely gone, my HSG and follow up are booked and ...

by bluestella, Aug 18, 2011 - 1 Comment
How can it be Cd 19 and no O peak? The one at the beginning of the cycle I believe was due ...

by bluestella, Aug 05, 2011
Had my second HSG today and this time it was a much better experience. They saw that both t...

by Dkalcey, Jul 27, 2011
Going to get my HSG test today at 12:15pm. hope its not all that painful as how everyone sa...

by jenna1276, Jun 01, 2011
Well I am waiting to see what the outcome is. I can not stress how I feel about wanting my ...

by PINKJUNKIE84, Mar 31, 2011
well on 3/29/2011 i got my hsg and let me tell you it was no cake walk at all..i felt woozy...

by myra09, Feb 18, 2010
Done 1st time 0930, havent gotten results yet

by lovebaby605, Feb 10, 2010
HSG - no blocked tubes Ultrasound - Ovulation in 2 days

by BrittR86, Dec 08, 2009
I've been dealing with Army docs which seem to not know what the hell they are doing. ...