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Journals about biopsy


by freenikita, Mar 14, 2011
so far so good, less angry than yesterday. not nervous about thursday (so far...)

by freenikita, Mar 11, 2011
friday march 11 was biopsy day (liver biopsy). of course i was nervous. of course, i had in...

by briamysunshine, Jan 12, 2011
I went under the impression that i would be getting a biopsy of a lymph phone on the right ...

by vickie5989, Jul 15, 2010 - 2 Comments
I'm having pain in my side as well as bowel movements. The pain is where they focused...

by syrialee428, Mar 24, 2010
Okay so I had my colposcopy yesterday, there was minimal pain. It just felt like a pinch or...

by DianaLozano, Feb 12, 2010 - 9 Comments
My Endo called me today and said my biopsy results came back Postive for *Papillary Carcino...

by DianaLozano, Feb 09, 2010
Today I had a consultation with an Endocrinologist. She did an ultrasound in her office and...

by TeeTom, Nov 02, 2009
This test was performed on 4/2/09 along with a biopsy that says I am stage 3/4 fibrosis. ...

by Janicaa, Aug 13, 2009 - 4 Comments
Well it's been ages since I have written in my journal but why write when you feel you...

by nikkifos, Jul 24, 2009
Went to the OBG-YN for a sonagram and they ended up doing a biopsy. I just finhed bleeding ...