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Journals about Ear


by samantha830, Jan 01, 2013
I didn't sleep a wink last night because I was in so much pain. Plus the fact that I ...

by Multipin, Sep 10, 2012
My ears, especially my right ear, has been stuffed off and on for about a week. During tha...

by rick060988, Jun 07, 2012
Went to Dr's today. have fluid in the ear canal. they suggested a sinus spray to help....

by cbarrs, Dec 20, 2011
Savannah was admitted to the hospital for RSV, Bronchitis, Ear Infection. Stayed until Satu...

by freeman32071, Mar 15, 2011
I've been fighting a head cold for close to two weeks now and today while I was blowin...

by fargbus, May 29, 2010
Today was my first day in 8 months not to do OxyContin. I went to sleep at 5 AM Saturday mo...

by JenEpicFarms, Mar 17, 2010
Stomach feels "overstimulated" like I took a laxative (but I didn't). After ...

by RadioAstronomyObserver, Jan 22, 2010
Went to the UoR ear center in Rochester NY today. Once I told the Dr that with loud sounds...

by Daub, Jul 07, 2008
I was unfortunately close to a large explosion, (no noticible damage to my body) and my ear...

by lizzyboob, Jun 01, 2008 - 3 Comments
my sister, whos 8, showed me this lump behind the ear a couple weeks ago, little couldnt se...
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