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Journals about Bladder


by ishayu, Jan 22, 2016
My son Ishayu currently 9 month old. He born with lump and one closed dermal sinus. After 6...

by forte41, Jan 02, 2013
The meds were given only for 7 days - must have needed longer as it is back. Give another s...

by lealea93, Nov 13, 2012
My little bambino has been putting pressure on my bladder lately and i can't stop runn...

by Vantom, Oct 09, 2012 - 5 Comments
I think i may have a UTI.. I've never had one before so im just like wtf is going on l...

by sweets4, Jun 19, 2012
Not feeling to good today!!My pain may be some better today.This pain is running down the b...

by sweets4, Jun 05, 2012
Had a bladder infection about 1 month ago.I have got the symptoms of a bladder infection bu...

by caiti87, Feb 21, 2012 - 4 Comments
Man oh man, this evening has been a bad one! The bladder pain and pressure is immense and t...

by BipolarBekr, Jan 12, 2012
Went to the VA today for pre-op for my bladder surgery. Had blood work done, and a chest x-...

by littlestar714, Oct 27, 2011
I'm all over the place today. At first, in the shower when I got up I thought I felt &...

by Darlinetig, Oct 20, 2011
The MA Rachel called and said that the cultre came back that I do have a bladder infec. St...