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Journals about Bladder

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by ishayu, Jan 22, 2016
My son Ishayu currently 9 month old. He born with lump and one closed dermal sinus. After 6...
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by forte41, Jan 02, 2013
The meds were given only for 7 days - must have needed longer as it is back. Give another s...
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by lealea93, Nov 13, 2012
My little bambino has been putting pressure on my bladder lately and i can't stop runni...
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by Vantom, Oct 09, 2012 - 5 Comments
I think i may have a UTI.. I've never had one before so im just like wtf is going on lo...
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by sweets4, Jun 19, 2012
Not feeling to good today!!My pain may be some better today.This pain is running down the b...
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by sweets4, Jun 05, 2012
Had a bladder infection about 1 month ago.I have got the symptoms of a bladder infection bu...
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by caiti87, Feb 21, 2012 - 4 Comments
Man oh man, this evening has been a bad one! The bladder pain and pressure is immense and t...
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by BipolarBekr, Jan 12, 2012
Went to the VA today for pre-op for my bladder surgery. Had blood work done, and a chest x-...
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by littlestar714, Oct 27, 2011
I'm all over the place today. At first, in the shower when I got up I thought I felt &q...
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by Darlinetig, Oct 20, 2011
The MA Rachel called and said that the cultre came back that I do have a bladder infec. St...