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Journals about testing


by Rednakodile, Apr 21, 2014
(I will be using this to post testing results) I truthfully don't remember all of t...

by forte41, Apr 30, 2013
Went for testing today at hospital. Had two growths removed. Slept In bed for most of the d...

by Jcoup, Nov 06, 2012
Saw Md today to go over previous lab results, already had done this with Family doc, so app...

by sparkle8sparkle, Jul 16, 2012
so we have been ttc since april....and im pretty sure that tonight we got out faint bfp. i...

by loved29, Nov 09, 2011
so it's been 6 mths time to go back to the clinic. nurses were lovely as usual explain...

by Rebecca Resnik, PsyDBlank, May 04, 2011
Accommodations for Standardized Tests--What You Need to Know about Psychological Testing to...

by flow1987, Apr 02, 2011
Every April, MTV sponsors Planned Parenthood with a campaign that MTV coins "Get Yours...

by Vantom, Jan 27, 2011
I O'ed On Cd47 Which Would Put Me At 9dpo Today Lol, Thats Awesome News For A Person W...

by LilSissy03, Dec 21, 2010
Been testing since 5 DPO (according to FF) or 10 DPO (according to MH) and even though I wa...

by Sobie, Dec 20, 2010 - 15 Comments
Ok ladys I know we are all on our pins and niddles but I am waiting to see if AF is late sh...