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Journals about Men


by angellic22, Aug 27, 2010
You’re probably here because you’re single and feel like you have no place to turn. There ...

by cfstorey, Jun 08, 2010
Whelp, i thought i was doing a little better last night and this morning. I helped out with...

by Cloudwindgate, Jan 17, 2010 - 1 Comment
This morning i stood looking at myself in the mirror thinking about my dream last night. ...

by Cloudwindgate, Dec 16, 2009 - 5 Comments
In my mind are Doors These Doors hold Secrets These Secrets will never get out These se...

by JessicaIva, Jul 09, 2009
Fought with Rick two out of the three times I talked to him today. He was faded tonight an...

by Tahvia, Jul 06, 2009
I had trouble sleeping last night . . . they say when GoD keeps yhu up he's tryna tell...

by harleon, Jun 12, 2009
Over the last week I have been feeling really rotten, had some sort of virus and was dealin...

by hyeyung, Apr 03, 2009
I guess I'm back sooner than I thought. I've had a lot of disappointments in my ...

by hyeyung, Mar 17, 2009
Growing up, I always wanted to be diagnosed with something that people would notice. I kno...

by kelliebellie, Mar 06, 2009 - 1 Comment
Why do I have to wake up with anxiety, its the most horrible feeling.. since I like this gu...