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Journals about drinking


by ginjninj, Aug 29, 2011
Out most of night at a gig and drinking, slept on a couch once we got back. not very good s...

by maguilera100, Feb 10, 2011
Gina and Mere invited me to their "Drinking thursdays", it was SO much fun!! I w...

by Dooley1947, Sep 11, 2010
Looking at my chart, it's about time to get drunk again. There is a party tonight for...

by KatinTexas, Sep 03, 2010 - 3 Comments
I hate this! I hate not drinking....I want to drink and feel better instead of being depre...

by vickie5989, Jun 22, 2010
Yesterday My Mom was in one of mean moods in the morning, doesn't talk to anyone mid d...

by loved29, Jun 02, 2010 - 1 Comment
i'm soooo tired at the mo...like falling asleep at work mid afternoon...i took the chi...

by chasingbea, Feb 26, 2010
Man, I really need to drink more water. When I actually think about the number of ounces I...

by Cloudwindgate, Jan 21, 2010 - 5 Comments
Heres a update for you guys So the house is up for sell the one we rent my home. I'...

by Miki72, Jan 16, 2010
I drank too much last night. I don't remember parts of the evening. I do remember tell...

by dangernene, Nov 09, 2009
Back from Hellfire, slept 3am - 3pm, drank excessively last night, embarrassed at groupie b...