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Journals about control


by GrainsOfSand, Jun 07, 2013
What comes to mind about yesterday is she wants to control me. How dare I get a drink beca...

by reddeviltj, May 26, 2013
Even on vacations I weigh myself as often as possible. When I got on the scale up here at ...

by Middleagedmommy, Jan 24, 2013
It took me this long to get my food back to normal after Joe's installation. It's...

by Nazhir02, Oct 07, 2012
Despite dealing with something i thought was over i am still having to go through it and i ...

by ShinigamiDeathscytheSan, Mar 05, 2012
...why is it that struggling to hold back tears is such a normal feeling for me? why do i h...

by purelightwhitelight, Dec 04, 2011
i believe it is the other people who have a disease seeing how they constantly want you to ...

by WillHeins, Nov 26, 2011
Well I'm starting this Journal to have at least some control over my weight. It defini...

by lawyer2bb, Jul 26, 2011
Just when you think you have everything in control, something happens that messes it all up...

by coalson_aj, Apr 22, 2011
514 clean days... WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I remember when I could'nt make it 1 day..... Yeah M...

by dlane53, Apr 08, 2011
I want to get my diabeties under control, but i have the weakest will power that anyone eve...
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