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Journals about bowel


by estel544, Apr 11, 2011
Slept last night for the fist time for five hours at least, this morning was ok, hot and ch...

by BabyDreamin88, Apr 04, 2011 - 13 Comments
So went for a bowel movement about 20mins ago, and noticed blood in the toilet. Panicing l...

by Khiba, Mar 02, 2011 - 4 Comments
I had the Liberation treatment on Feb 18th in Costa Mesa California at Pacific Intervention...

by RedInDC, Nov 25, 2010
25 November 2010 This is my first entry on MedHelp, a website I have been secretly visitin...

by annesf, Sep 26, 2010
The second week of September I was out of town visiting some friends. I had most of my usu...

by Don5724, Jul 17, 2010
Intestines bowels ng cramps get to bathroom, Not good ,elevate bed. Pray I'm not getti...

by vickie5989, Jul 15, 2010 - 2 Comments
I'm having pain in my side as well as bowel movements. The pain is where they focused...

by emsquishi, May 16, 2010 - 4 Comments
Went back to the doctors today to get my painkillers only to be told that I couldn't h...

by onyxangel, May 07, 2010 - 7 Comments
So you guys all know I was a big FAIL last cycle so thought I'd do my TWW symtom track...

by emsquishi, Apr 24, 2010 - 1 Comment
Stabbing pain in left and right lower abdomen. Lower abdominal cramping like very intense ...