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Journals about dreams

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by inthemeantimes, Jan 30, 2016
i woke up three times, my heart racing and shivering. i could hear my heart pounding. in o...
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by Maggiexx, Jan 22, 2016
Everyone has had nightmares of course after watching a scary film right? But this is di...
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by crb1487, Jan 20, 2016
Well. if my dividends did come, they must of gone to my last acct (from AK) because they...
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by Nickley3, Jan 30, 2015
So I had a dream that I was at my Grandma's house and went to the bathroom. There was a...
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by Nickley3, Jan 13, 2015
So this one is way sweeter than my last. I walked in the door and called "Andrew!&...
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by JustHelp123, Feb 08, 2014
I really feel great helping other people with mental health issues. I think it is somehow ...
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by luckytaz55, Dec 16, 2013
I was at the top of a tall building and somebody was following me. I ran until I was very c...
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by Froghorn, Dec 03, 2013
I had half-lucid dreams about an old friend, about collective sub-consciouness, and about t...
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by MYoungAtHeart, Nov 28, 2013
Instinct As Guide: Animals in Women's Dreams by Barbara Platek And so it is Gol...
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by Renee9986, Mar 12, 2013
I realized that when I'm involved with a guy i start having weird dreams.. I want to ke...