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by ChitChatNine, Jun 19, 2009
WOW this is an awesome new tracker and simple to set up and use! Go to your profile and ...

by hrmn13, Apr 07, 2009
Ugh! Over the past few weeks I've been waking up with hives. I am under the impressi...

by megan80, Apr 05, 2009
My 8 year old daughter has food and enviropnmental allergies, as well as asthma. I am very...

by ChitChatNine, Jan 27, 2009 - 3 Comments
There's a new Food Allergies Community here at MedHelp! This is such a fabulous add...

by LetaB, Nov 12, 2008
Controversy is good! If carefully said. I guess I wasn't careful. I'm so sorry ...

by allnatural, Jul 15, 2008
Diagnosed summer 2007 with Autoimmune Hepatitis. Taking 25mg of Imuran, just left doctor a...