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Journals about drawing


by mossysnakes, Feb 22, 2013
m gonna cry from spriggan's overly picky comms my back hurts i just want to work on m...

by mossysnakes, Dec 29, 2012
talking with caroline and it's good..she's on a trip..we're planning our tri...

by mossysnakes, Dec 23, 2012
finally starting to feel good about relationship talks with caroline..i think we got to a g...

by Arsia, Feb 28, 2011 - 6 Comments
Hair is what I'm best at. Originally started drawing this as an example of how my fri...

by Krisiness, Sep 21, 2010
And my drawing of baby Caelan is coming out well. I hope. Oh hell what do I know. She drew ...

by Krisiness, Jun 06, 2010
I took my SATs yesterday. It was a strange morning. Of course I have a horrible stomache ac...

by Krisiness, Feb 02, 2010
But with that little buzz. That small feeling like, what could I accomplish today? I have ...

by Krisiness, Oct 18, 2009
looks pretty much terrifying. I read all the overviews and a lot of reviews, because I want...

by Krisiness, Oct 05, 2009
on my biology booklet. It took foooorever. But I knew I had to do it nicely, because I need...

by Krisiness, Sep 24, 2009
I felt ok. I woke up, and I was awake. I did good. That nap did me good. I went to sleep no...