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by busiemommie, Apr 25, 2012
Mr. Richmond can, at the time, find no evidence of bi-polar disorder!!!! I have to decide w...
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by zaftig1, Jun 30, 2011
who gave me the echocardiocardiogram. She is bi-polar II and told me it took years for her...
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by Bubulous, Jun 02, 2011
My Dr. told me I was Bi-Polar. I didn't take the news too well at the initial time. A...
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by mak10, Oct 22, 2010
WOW! Just found out a whole lot of things about myself. I am a 38yr old male and have been ...
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by stupiddogz, Apr 11, 2010
nothingmuch happened today, period cramps, and tired beyond belief. g let me lay down @ 8 a...
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by stupiddogz, Apr 09, 2010
the IME dr decided that my cervical injury was preexisting, when ive been being seen at pai...
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by stupiddogz, Apr 03, 2010
my FCUKING rook piercings is gonna KILL ME!! i want to cut off my ear!!!!! i have been doin...
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by stupiddogz, Apr 02, 2010
i was pretty good with the kids today since it was in the 70s, so they could go outside and...
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by drewser2, Apr 01, 2010 - 1 Comment
always laughed at them haha, specially after seeing a thing on youtube saying how you c...
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by stupiddogz, Apr 01, 2010
was warm today, the weather broke, so this makes me feel better seeing the sun & not sh...