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Journals about Swelling


by LisaMarina, Feb 13, 2015
Has anyone experienced the onset of ginger allergy (such as what I describe below) to fin...

by Janee56, Jan 02, 2014
Started with 5% topical cream on any suspicious areas and where they did the cryo on my leg...

by spoilher101, Nov 01, 2013
To exhausted, & sick. Need honest health care, with cocktail mri. Willing to travel to ...

by Kayl93, Nov 13, 2012
So last night I noticed a pain in my armpit whenever I raised my left arm, and upon inspect...

by Annajane1994, Oct 18, 2012
My problem occurs ONLY after myself and my Boyfriend have sex! I get extremely swollen and...

by spongebob35, Sep 08, 2012 - 1 Comment
i have a hitial hernia and bleeding uclers and i no since i had the scope test done that my...

by Enrique99, Jun 16, 2012
I've been having wrist pain for about a month now, it occurred after I fell on an outs...

by Deborak, Apr 02, 2012
For past three weeks I have been having both legs wrapped from knee to ankle. The right leg...

by Deborak, Feb 24, 2012
My pempigus foliaceus (P.F) has blistered on the right leg shin. The blister is large and I...

by leesha89, Nov 08, 2011
well things are getting better health wise... i have my 12 week scan in 6 days yay exciting...