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by creme99, Sep 22, 2011
slept on/off, chest pains on/off, couldn't use CPAP after 12:30am. I got really tired,...
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by Samsoftball07, Aug 20, 2011
Hey my name is Stephanie, 23, I am a single mom to a 19m old. Well I have had this abolu...
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by lizzybee2011, May 06, 2011 - 1 Comment
I spent 4 hours and $30 in gas in one little area trying to get my photo shoots for my boss...
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by Jeanette2012, Jan 15, 2010
hi. i am 16 and i fear something terrible might be wrong with me. i am scared to go to the...
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by NeedOfAssistance101, Sep 30, 2009
SICK. I don't understand it. Random Nausea, dry coughing, coughing up mucus[depends on ...
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by AnimeKitty, Aug 09, 2009
Woke up today to a tornado warning. I was on the edge of terrified, but the warning ended i...
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by vdrtime, Aug 13, 2008 - 1 Comment
I am going to the doctor again on Friday. I will give what has happened since last doctor&#...