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Journals about confused


by inthemeantimes, Jan 30, 2016
i woke up three times, my heart racing and shivering. i could hear my heart pounding. in o...

by BP34, Apr 05, 2014
Well another sleepless night.. this is so strange it has been almost a year to the day that...

by Neha2626, Apr 17, 2013
Hello, I am 13th week pregnant and had an ultrasound scan done few days back and diagnosed...

by jessilb, Jan 29, 2013
Did pretty well last night. Only problem was waking from nap today I was very confused and...

by kimmielou137, Dec 11, 2012
I take Synthroid,B-Complex,D3,Kelp(Idione),Iron,and Cranberry pills daily.Is this to much? ...

by lauraem, Oct 15, 2012
I have been sick for over a month, no better but worse. All I wanted was answers and I stil...

by Vantom, Oct 01, 2012 - 9 Comments
I just found out that my big brother who's 28 has a Heroin addiction.. He says he'...

by 19imjustagirl97, Jul 21, 2012
I went to camp this summer. During camp i went on trip. A 4 day canoe trip with my cabin, a...

by AlleyRad, May 30, 2012
Today is alright. I got my yearbook yesterday,with hopes of people signing it but so far on...

by cincoseis, Mar 01, 2012
Woke on 11 am Thursday feeling spacey, light-headed, and vaguely confused (had awoken at 7:...