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by Becca323, Sep 30, 2011
I got 2 shots on Wednesday; the flu shot for the first time in my right arm and the HPV vac...

by Duckymommy, Oct 08, 2009
I finally got my flu shot today. I had to go on base to get it because for some reason my ...
Fall is here, school is back in session, and once again it’s time to gear up for flu season...
I went to Walgreen's yesterday to get my standard flu shot. I have gotten them for yea...
Just like last year I got a flu shot (which is a good idea for anyone). But this year was...

by Joane2, Nov 11, 2008
lung flu shot at work, nurse said it would take 2 weeks to be affective.
Today I went to get a flu shot. That's not so important. Everyone should get one. I ge...