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by ribaby15, Dec 29, 2014 - 9 Comments
While I sit here, and think about all the good things in my life that I'm thankful for...

by Hanners33, Feb 08, 2014 - 1 Comment
Alright so I got fingered for the first time yesterday, I had no idea what to do just sit b...

by Tswana, Feb 06, 2014 - 2 Comments
I am glad i have a place to share with all of your on each of our journeys. And to be able ...

by mandy876, Nov 03, 2013
i have a fissure hich has not been bkeeding in a long time. i also have some hemmoroids. ...

by mandy876, Nov 03, 2013
i am going for a fissurectomy and the colonoscopy i have been reading and have usually it d...

by ninadetusojos, Oct 15, 2013
Wishingthinking helps me think of a better peaceful future but it makes me wonder many thin...

by Tinkyyy1013, Aug 26, 2013
So I hate sex about 3 weeks ago nd I hate bleeding a week after having unprotected sex, he ...

by jessesgirl828, Jul 22, 2013
Hi everyone. I am a recovering addict. I have been on Suboxone for over 2 years. I am here ...

by kimmielou137, Jan 23, 2013 - 1 Comment
The doctor called today to tell me my thyroid levels was normal and I don't believe th...

by latanyaj, Dec 16, 2012
I don't know what to I had walked on my 4 and 6 year daughters doing sexual things to ...
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