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by louis_nelsen, Jan 26, 2010
First, I know OWCH is the wrong spelling so as to avoid suggestions. Went back to work tod...
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by louis_nelsen, Jan 25, 2010
Pretty much the same as yesterday. I got snowed in from working with a big blizzard. Had ...
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by louis_nelsen, Jan 24, 2010
I woke after about 4 hours of sleep. My normal sleep patter is about 6 hours so, I didn...
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by Doomy, Oct 07, 2009
Tweaked my back at the gym (or at work and the gym exacerbated it). No gym tomorrow I guess...
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by spartase, Jun 30, 2009
Pain in lower back & down left thigh blocked by Oxycodone and Robaxin-750 around 7:15 M...
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by Curtis1960, Dec 17, 2008
My pain is increasing daily. My lower back is especially painful. Last night, one of the ...
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by Curtis1960, Dec 15, 2008
I helped my wife put up the Christmas tree last night. This included bringing boxes of orn...
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by bubbles750, Nov 20, 2008 - 4 Comments
lower back pain on the right side of my body just above the waistline dont remember hurting...
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by nuggetone, Nov 09, 2008
Just so everyone knows- Yea I hurt most everyday. I have to work as I am single and have ...
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by healersmoon, Nov 03, 2008
Pain in my lower back with cramps. Cannot do much of anything today! Headache and feeling e...