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Journals about shower


by jamesebenthin, Jun 12, 2015 - 1 Comment
06-12-2015 Noticed my hair has been on my clothes, bed and in the shower drain as if I&#...

by artistsandie, Apr 22, 2012
I was so sick and spent most of my time in the shower. I needed to sleep but could not.

by notlazy71, Dec 30, 2011
Slept til 2pm today. Forced myself to shower & get dressed so I could go with my daught...

by loved29, Nov 06, 2010
we brought a load of pink grapefruit juice today as i've read it helps with producing ...

by Krisiness, Oct 20, 2010
But prolly can't hang out friday. I have two (one) field trips tomarrow. Need to dr...

by Krisiness, Sep 16, 2010
And started to paint. I went to steves and stayed there till my knees were shaking so badly...

by Krisiness, Sep 14, 2010
To her anymore, it makes her uncomfortable. But he left her, though I'm sure that chan...

by Krisiness, Sep 13, 2010
Anymore. Ok? I got vitamins and ate some things and watched some Alice and saw steve and he...

by Krisiness, Sep 12, 2010
If I love you, I will tell you. If you don't love me back, that's fine. Don'...

by Krisiness, Sep 06, 2010
And I thought she was only trying to break my heart. I'm so confused right now, I'...