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Journals about Ambien

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by Christamo, Jan 05, 2015
Marie was trying to fill in the space when she took too much of her prescribed med, now, in...
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So I purchased a new sleep supplement at Whole Foods called "Restful Sleep". It ...
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by johngfcarey, Feb 28, 2012
Ambien use and ambien side effects. Learn the ambien side effects
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by bluejeanbaby9, Jan 07, 2011
I'll fill this out soon.
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by katiebug09, Jul 23, 2010 - 2 Comments
The urge to take ambien has grown out of control, I think about it constantly. This drug is...
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by qtstud4u, Apr 10, 2010
i didnt track anything the last 2 days but its because i totally forgot about my anxiety fe...
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by qtstud4u, Apr 08, 2010
i can remember wut happened this night i wanted NOT 2 try and NOTT take a pill the whole ni...
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by qtstud4u, Mar 30, 2010
i woke up at 4ish in da morning...hopeing the city didnt take my ****** car..took an ambien...
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by qtstud4u, Mar 29, 2010
had sum drinks...and came home ate 2 plates of rice and was all bad..put a movie ...
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I was trying to say goodnight to my lizard, but she had two heads and as it would turn out ...