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Journals about caffeine

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I started my day with exercises in the morning and had my coffee because didn't got muc...
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by bpbutterfly, Aug 02, 2012
Let me tell you...I won't be taking Midol complete anymore right before bed! It says it...
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by Cherry00, Jun 27, 2012
I'm unsure what triggered this attack. Probably my body preempting my caffeine intake. ...
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by sl9k0, Jun 06, 2012
Had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep- probably got 5-6 hours of sleep.. woke up...
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by discomposed, Feb 21, 2012
Psychiatrist and I have agreed that, as my new med cocktail appears to be working, it's...
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by RhythmicVeggie, Aug 29, 2011 - 1 Comment
Right now I feel like my mind is racing at a million km a second. I have a lot of things th...
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by redmex, May 14, 2010
I used to drink caffeine all day is the first time for 1 caffeine drink.
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by Black_Parasol, Apr 23, 2010
Feeling generally okay, am afraid to go to sleep, even though I'm aware of the irration...
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by 9uaga9, Nov 10, 2009
I've noticed that if I eat chocolate, recently I would end up getting an upset stomach....
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by haylie710, Apr 15, 2009
Ok, so....all weekend, i screwed up, acctually from thursday to monday i prolly had 3000 ca...