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Journals about shoulder

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by bbmohr48, Jul 25, 2015
Left shoulder stiffness Both legs - stiff, weak, wobbly Fatigue - 530pm / medium Dry mou...
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by gqmolyneux, Feb 20, 2014
Today was the worst day I have had for a while. Struggling as normal and then had a fall i...
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by gqmolyneux, Feb 16, 2014
about 5-6 hours sleep better than normal but much more pain in left side arm/shoulder/back ...
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by boz5886, Aug 09, 2013
Left Shoulder hurting after workout today. May have injured the XXXX, (or re-injured it). T...
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by Morphman, May 22, 2012
Last two days my middle and lower back have been aching a lot plus my right shoulder is act...
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by Morphman, May 21, 2012
Most of the weekend and this morning, my right shoulder has been giving me problems. I get ...
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by Alonecryin, Nov 22, 2011
the change in the weather, wet and cool.' has really made me feel achy all over, Sev...
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by chloemichelle, Sep 17, 2011
Last night I hung out with a very nice young man named Josh. He did not walk me home afterw...
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by emily288, Aug 26, 2011
pain but feeling better. pain in groin and rt. shoulder. Groin getting worse.
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by Longrangesniper1953, Mar 13, 2011
Slept a little better till 5.30AM went to toilet took my medication and eventually went bac...