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Journals about shoulder


by Linda2962, Mar 12, 2009
Yesterday and today, I was in a lot of pain. My right shoulder hurt a lot. I talked to my...

by marileew, Mar 07, 2009
I bought a new pillow today. Hopefully this one will work. I have... 6 pillows on my bed if...

by myrlings, Feb 28, 2009
i'm still aware of pain today, particularly in my neck, back of my head, and right sho...

by myrlings, Feb 25, 2009
ow, someone inside is mocking me and laughing. they say "oh, you poor baby, you went l...

by myrlings, Feb 24, 2009
the worst pain is in my right shoulder. we had more sex again yesterday, so it might have t...

by marileew, Feb 20, 2009
I had trigger point injections today. I asked for them just around my scapula today... not ...

by seadraem, Feb 19, 2009
I don't think these exercises are helping much. It hurts when I breathe, type, move my...

by ohanamama, Jan 20, 2009
Day started out so well, with Pres. Obama being sworn in. Then went in for MRI of shoulder...

by bogoja2004, Jul 01, 2008 - 1 Comment
Would you like to be able to tuck your shirt in, undo your bra strap, or lift your arm abov...

by michellelouise, Jun 23, 2008
I feel pain in my neck and in my back shoulder in lower back when I use my right arm to ste...
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