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by xmysticalxmichellex, Jan 02, 2016
Hello, all, I've been meaning 2 start writing in some kinda blog/journal/diary/bos agai...
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by Jbean77, Jun 12, 2013 - 5 Comments
So it has officially been 72 hours! Wooo hoo! I'm making it! I definitely think tha...
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by blunik, Oct 24, 2010
Have had a bad headache/migraine for last 3 days and felt like i had missed my meds or some...
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by blunik, Aug 12, 2010
so first effexor withdrawal symptoms. I've been on 150mg for I think about a week? and...
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by ifeelinfinite, May 03, 2010
had to take an extra today - felt really crappy. i started to have severe depression, whic...
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by whitie, Aug 12, 2009 - 2 Comments
Well so many people have been worried about what they will go through when they quit taking...
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by fowerman, Jul 31, 2009
As each day passes, i feel mayself getting stronger and stronger. I truly believe it is th...
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by NickyChickyBoom, Jul 05, 2009
Fibromyalgia started when withdrawal symptoms of steroids began on 4/14/08.
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by Dreamsie, Sep 02, 2008
Today the 1st day of no Zeldox, went from 160 mg a day to 0, shaking all day, 2 hrs of slee...
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by NickyChickyBoom, Apr 14, 2008
woke up in morning got out of bed and fell down, major pain and swelling in knees and ankle...