Night Terrors

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Journals about Night Terrors


by Maggiexx, Jan 22, 2016
Everyone has had nightmares of course after watching a scary film right? But this is di...

by CorinaCrazed, Jul 08, 2010
I haven't been able to fall asleep at night, not until early morning, then I often hav...

by Krisiness, Feb 09, 2010
Which basically means nothing. I was pretty tired today. I had one of those dreams like I ...

by Krisiness, Jan 09, 2010
to talk to, I guess I meant it. I guess I meant it anymore than I could have known I meant ...

by raquelagogo, Nov 08, 2009
Well i finally seen my doc and after i told her my horror stories about the night terrors/a...

by Krisiness, Sep 04, 2009
In some ways. Actually, I started the day off by bringing in my community service and summe...

by bigblueorca, Dec 19, 2008 - 1 Comment
Ever since I've started taking Risperidone, I've had a pleasant reprieve from the...