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Journals about calories


by maicap22, Mar 20, 2014
I consumed 1800+ calories on Wednesday because I need to pump milk for my baby as it is his...

by TIddums, Mar 22, 2013
It's that time in the month now where we have ran out of money, luckily only a week to...

by kiratharp, Feb 26, 2013
The new nutritional shakes I've been drinking for breakfast are yummy and I know they&...

by fitnessgirl333, Oct 18, 2012
Eat 800. Burn 300. BMR=1100. Eat 850. Burn 350. Eat 900. Burn 400. Eat 950. Burn 450. E...

by bzzykaz, Sep 12, 2012
Dinner wouldn't have been so bad, had I not had the three rolls. OMG, over 1000 calor...

by bzzykaz, Sep 12, 2012
So for lunch, I didn't even think about health or calories. My partner suggested maca...

by bzzykaz, Sep 12, 2012
So, this is a typical breakfast...terrible. A cup of coffee is at LEAST 280 calories, if n...

by tahjahani, Aug 15, 2012
Tday is a good day. Except for my central air conking out guess I'm going t have to do...

by eatmeingo, Jan 12, 2012
174 calories is almost too much. I wanted to vomit at lunch today, and I only had a little ...

by medhkoop, Dec 20, 2011
The United States Department of Agriculture suggests that approximately 50 percent of your ...