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last august my mother got the flew, 2 days later she gave it to me. I felt so nauseated for...

by shugalug, Jun 20, 2013
Had the flu. It's been one thing on top of another. All sent to test me. My faith rema...

by QuantumPolkaDots, Apr 18, 2012
i feel like crap. im weak, extremely fatigued, achy/sore, my head feels all heavy and weird...

by crinklenose, Oct 30, 2010
My hubby and I might be coming down with the flu. If I get the flu, I may have to be a litt...

by nreed1977, Nov 11, 2009
Im just recovering from a bout with the flu, not sure if it was the H1N1 flu but definately...

by Joni686, Aug 05, 2009 - 3 Comments
I haven't made a journal entry in some time. Sometimes when I feel really bad I just ...