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by piquiwithmaple, Mar 09, 2011
This night I had a nightmare with this sort of thing, and it was not the first time. I ha...

by Violethart, Feb 26, 2011
I love eating healthy food for brekfast. I would usually eat and omlet with tomatoes, spina...

by cherrydr88, Feb 25, 2011
I know that pop-tarts are not the ideal, healthy way to start your day but, it is just too ...

by sahara876, Aug 05, 2010
bieng healthy starts with one wanting to ,i know its always not easy to keep up with our wa...

by BeckyMarie, Aug 05, 2010
It's SO tough not to obsess over the scale - and there's something so incredibly ...

by Marisen, Jun 17, 2010
Weight hasn't been doing much, in fact 2 pounds zipped back on for no reason except to...

by shorty31112, Jun 12, 2010
i am a size 24, i would like to get to a size 16 i am to old to get back the i was when i w...

by carpediemforlife, Apr 13, 2010 - 3 Comments
This will be my 2nd live birth and Im sooo excited. I have a 17 mo old son and he's am...

by Krisiness, Mar 22, 2010
Well I had a bad dream. I couldn't tell you the details, I just know I woke up exasper...

by jasmine666, Mar 15, 2010
now i'll make sure that i have my exercise at least once in a week. i will try to i...
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